Krishna Chaitanya Nadakuduti

Nadakuduti Krishna Chaitanya

Amassing 17 years of experience in Wealth Management and an expert in financial planning, Krishna specializes in crafting personalized strategies. He likes to ensure his clients’ financial welfare is at the forefront of any advice he gives, and works closely with clients to develop a deep understanding of their circumstances when helping them to achieve their objectives. He has experience across a wide range of fields, such as retirement planning, asset management and estate planning.

Before Co-Founding Wealocity, Krishna has previously worked with well-respected firms across the South including ICICI Securities and Allegro Capital Advisors.

Outside of work, Krishna enjoys biking, traveling and indulging in his passion for singing.

“Over the last two decades, I have seen so many people who save incorrectly or who do not have the time or knowledge to take proper care of their money. People who receive bad advice or are guided by emotions also gamble on the stock market. That’s why we founded Wealocity that invests money independently, objectively and scientifically for the benefit of customers and always keeps its finger on the pulse of time and science. Our team will help you realize your future plans through smart investments and lead a better life. Promised!”

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