Our purpose

The reason for our being
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When you choose Wealocity, you’re choosing more than a wealth manager, you’re choosing a company that cares
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What is our purpose?

We exist to help create prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow. That means putting you first. Putting you at the heart of everything we do. And our purpose comes to life through our three core values.

Trust, Transparency & Commitment
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Our philosophy and reputation are based on the belief that every client is different but equally deserving of our time, attention, and expertise. As investors ourselves, we understand the importance of growing and protecting your assets. We earn your trust through sound judgment and our ability to execute on your behalf. This approach allows us to forge deep, lasting relationships, contributing to our mutual success.


Our dedication to transparency is more than a value; it’s our promise to operate with clarity, honesty, and integrity in all that we do. We believe in empowering trust through open communication, fostering a culture of accountability, and ensuring transparency at every level of our organization.



Grounded in integrity, we pledge to consistently strive to provide meaningful value to all stakeholders. We uphold accountability for our own actions, as well as those of our team, recognizing our responsibility to deliver excellence in every endeavour.

The Wealocity Promise

We operate on a meritocratic basis driven by research and free from any conflicts of interest

We are always there personally guiding through the investment process with periodic portfolio reviews

We provide impartial and independent advice and invest in a diversified manner

We recommend investments cognisant of the client’s needs and risks

Our Mission - Empowering every Indian to attain financial freedom