Property Management Services

Wealocity - Property Management

Buying and owning a property is everyone’s dream, but along with comes the responsibility of managing the property in the best suitable manner. Almost all find it difficult and are barely able to manage things between their professional and personal commitments.

Labour which is the main element to ensure that the wear and tear of the property is in shape is the most complicated part. It sometimes becomes a very costly affair and that’s where Wealocity’s Property Management Skills come to your help.

The Wealocity’s Property Management Services Include : Prospecting, Identifying, Retaining tenants for vacant properties, Creation of Agreements, Documentation, Rent collect and deposits, Payment of Municipal Taxes etc.

Maintaining the wear and tear of the property by making a periodic visit to the property with the “Wealocity Ground Staff” and ensure an efficient and a seamless execution.

Wealocity - Rental Management

Wealocity helps in managing the rental income collection / deposits / maintenance of the property etc.

Finding tenant for the rental property, giving advertisements in local newspapers, showcasing the property across various channels, filtering the serious tenants versus the rest etc are few issues among the many that usually we come across.

Wealocity - Vacant Plot management

Wealocity helps in helping clients to maintain their open / vacant plots around the city they reside.