Financial planning

Financial planning is much beyond planning and investing. FP+ is a comprehensive process that arrives at a plan as unique as you to achieve your dreams. In our pursuit to encompass all aspects of the cashflows, we also synergize the net rental incomes post the taxes, etc to provide accurate observations. This is achieved through utilizing our strengths in other services.

Wealocity FP+ is a specialised service where we follow a unique process of analysing one’s finances and evaluate the existing current asset allocation to match the derived financial goals to arrive at a plan in tandem with the risk appetite along a periodic review.

The FP+ is a service offering from Wealocity which deals in the comprehensive and unbiased financial planning for an individual. Our approach to financial planning involves :

  • Relationship

    The prime most importance is given on establishing a firm relationship between the investor and the planner clearly depicting the commitment, expectation and communication on each side. This also eliminates the conflict of investor-first or advisor-first.

  • identifying goals

    People have an indefinite idea of what their future to be but we derive these dreams into approachable goals. By factoring in inflation, cost of assets and considering short & long term planning we help reach these goals seamlessly.

  • Approaching Tasks

    We design a detailed plan taking into account the current and future cash flows while sticking to a defined capital structures.

  • Hands-on

    A plan once defined becomes static but life is quiet dynamic. To bring in this vitality into the financial planning, FP+ iterates and evolves incessantly to make the plan as realistic and appropriate in achieving the defined goals.

  • Framing Policies

    FP+ considers the contingencies in place while executing the definitive action plan. This service also re-visits and re-views proactively on a periodic basis and also reactively for any changes infusing the dynamism that’s required to achieve the life’s goals.

  • Customization

    FP+ is a true reflection of you in every sense of the aspirations, dreams and goals. It is personalized to your needs, your risk-appetite, your timelines, your priorities and preferences.